Explore eBooks for Kids

Two boys reading a StarWalk Kids book on a tablet.The Library is pleased to announce that we have added the StarWalk Kids Media Digital Streaming Collection to our available resources for both children and their parents. With over 500 titles and growing, the StarWalk Kids Media collection presents quality literature by well-known and respected children’s authors in a digital eBook format that works with almost all electronic devices, including iPads, Android tablets, desktop and laptop computers, and smartphones.

StarWalk Kids Media helps the library provide great fiction and nonfiction eBooks with professional narration by actors and various additional features that compliment the titles’ use in libraries, classrooms and at home. With over 300,00 users in over 800 schools and libraries worldwide using StarWalk Kids Media, San Benito County Free Library is proud to partner with StarWalk Kids Media to exponentially grow the digital and eBook reading and learning opportunities for children within San Benito County.

To get started reading eBooks for kids, login to the StarWalk page with your library card number:

Screenshot of StarWalk Login page.