Reserve a Meeting Room

How to Reserve a Room

  • Review the rules and policies related to using a meeting room.
  • Complete the online application form to request to reserve a room.
  • If you have any questions or concerns about reserving the meeting space, please contact us.

Rules for the Use of the Multipurpose Room
(also known as the Barbara Room)

  1. Any group or individual, subject to the following rules prescribed by the County Board of Supervisors and County Librarian, may make application. It must be made on the APPLICATION FOR USE OF MULTIPURPOSE ROOM form and be signed by a responsible individual or authorized representative of the group. A copy of the approved application may be requested by the individual/group requesting the room.
  2. The purpose for the use of the Multipurpose Room must be civic, cultural, educational or of general public interest.
  3. The hours during which the Multipurpose Room can be used are from 9 AM to 10 PM, Monday through Friday. Individuals and organizations may use the Multipurpose Room on Saturday or Sunday from 9 AM to 5 PM, subject to the County Librarian’s discretion.
  4. No smoking is permitted in the Multipurpose Room and library foyer. Food is not permitted except for refreshments incidental to the occasion. Any individual or group serving refreshments must have prior approval of the County Librarian.
  5. Groups must conform to the meeting room capacity limitations (49).
  6. The library’s Multipurpose Room must not be used for commercial demonstrations or sales promotions of products or services.
  7. The meeting or program must be open to the public. No admission fee or collection can be taken. The only exceptions are in the case of paid registration necessary to cover expenses for institutes, courses, or discussion groups with which the library is cooperating.
  8. Groups of youth under 18 must have the application signed by a sponsoring or advising adult (over 18) and an adult must be present at all meetings or programs.
  9. Any individual signing the application will be directly responsible for any damage or unnecessary abuse of the facility. However, an authorized representative of a group signing the application will be responsible, on behalf of the organization, for any damage or unnecessary abuse of the facility growing out of the occupancy of said premises by the organization.
  10. The Multipurpose Room and library foyer will be left orderly and clean.
  11. It is also understood that the County Library’s need for use of the Multipurpose Room will take priority.
  12. The County Library reserves the right to adjust and to rearrange meeting or program schedules and assignments as the library’s requirements demand.

Rules for the Use of the Multipurpose Room is approved as the official policy of the San Benito County Free Library by the San Benito County Board of Supervisors. –Date: 08/25/2009

Application for Use of Multipurpose Room Form



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I hereby apply for use of a meeting room. I have read the policy and rules governing the use of the room and agree that they will be strictly observed. In case a meeting or community program is cancelled I agree to notify the San Benito County Free Library as far in advance as possible. A 72-hour cancellation notice is appreciated.

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