Welcome to the webpage for our literacy learners. You’ll find information here on resources to help you as you learn. We have links to helpful websites and tools that you can find online and information on the resources we have available to help you, at the library.

Library Resources

The Literacy Office has a Computer Lab, inside there are three computers with special software and programs to help you, as you learn to read and write English.

Literacy learners may use the computers for 2 hours of time at each online learning session.

To see what programs we have in the Literacy Lab visit our resources page.

News for you

Copies of News For You are available in the Literacy Office.  News For You is a newspaper for adult learners. There is also a news for you website updated weekly: this site has the latest news in simple, clear language.

Learners can register at http://www.newreaderspress.com/news-for-you-online to read more weekly articles.

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Literacy Websites

A selection of useful websites to help with your reading and writing. You can use these websites through our Literacy Lab or on any computer connected to the internet.

Mango Languages
An on-line learning system teaching everyday English phrases and vocabulary. You can also use Mango for a variety of other languages. In order to access Mango from home you will need your library card handy.
Try out the learning games and stories on this site. Based on ‘phonics’ it uses word sounds to help you learn.
Online games for learning math, grammar, science and more.
California Distance Learning Project – News Stories
CDLP features current news stories with educational exercises related to the story. Audio is available for all stories and video for some stories.
English as a second language
Designed to help adults learn English and improve basic reading, writing, speaking and life skills, USAlearns enables tutors to set up online classrooms and work through lessons with their learners.
News for you
A newspaper for adult learners. Updated weekly this site has the latest news in simple, clear language. Learners must register to read weekly articles.
Many Things
This website has word games, puzzles, quizzes and exercises for learners of English as a Second Language.
CNN Literacy Net
Current news stories with educational exercises from CNN. Audio and Video are available for all stories.

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