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What to Read if you loved… Twilight

Blood and Chocolate Cover Blood and Chocolate by Annette Curtis KlauseVivian Gandillon is a werewolf. A teenage werewolf. As if that isn’t enough her pack family has been burnt out of their West Virginia home by suspicious neighbors and relocated to Maryland. Then the real trouble comes; Vivian ends up falling for Aiden, a ‘meat-boy’ – a human. Vivian must decide whether to keep her secret from Aiden, or invite him to take a walk with her on the wild side.
Cirque due Freak Cover Cirque du Freak by Darren ShanIn a nightmare world where evil sometimes wins Darren Shan and his friends find a flyer for an illegal freak show, the Cirque du Freak. Here they see amazing freaks of nature including Madame Octa a deadly giant spider; better yet, Steve, one of Darren’s friends, finds out that Madame Octa’s owner is a vampire. Darren can’t stop obsessing about Madame Octa and makes a terrible decision – to steal the spider from its vampire owner.
Vampire Diaries Cover The Vampire Diaries by LJ SmithAt Fell’s Church High School Elena is beautiful and popular, and used to getting what she wants. When Stefan, a vampire seeking a peaceful existence turns up in Fell’s Church and attending her High School that all starts to change. Stefan immediately becomes the focus of Elena’s attentions. But Stefan isn’t the only Vampire in town, his brother Damien has also made Fell’s Church his home and when people starting dying it’s obvious that peace is the last thing on his mind.
Peeps Cover Peeps by Scott WesterfieldWhen Cal finds out that his adventures with a mysterious girl have made him a carrier for a ‘vampire parasite’ he has more than one problem on his hand. First is the fact that he has the unbearable desire to drink blood. Second he must track down all his exes and the girl who gave him the parasite. And third, he’s falling for Lace, the journalism student he meets on the search for his exes.
Silver Kiss Cover The Silver Kiss by Annette Curtis KlauseIt feels like the weight of the world is on Zoe’s shoulders, her mother is dying of cancer and her best friend, Lorraine, is about to move away. Then Zoe meets Simon, a vampire whose eyes are ‘full of wilderness and stars”, who has an uncanny ability to recognize her feelings .Simon is a vampire kept alive by a thirst to avenge the death of his mother and Zoe agrees to a dangerous scheme to trap his mother’s supernatural killer.
Vampire High Cover Vampire High by Douglas ReesWhen Cody flunks out of High School he thinks he’s out of options, but despite his poor grades he gains admission to Vlad Dracul Magnet School. It seems that vampires and water don’t mix, and if the school wants to keep its accreditation it has to be able to field a water polo team. Cody is guaranteed A’s as long as he swims in the teams. But being a human in a school of vampires isn’t going to be an easy ride.

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