Futuristic and Sci-fi

What to read if you love… Futuristic and Sci-fi

Uglies Cover Uglies by Scott Westerfield15 and ‘ugly’, Tally Youngblood, like all her 15 year old friends, can’t wait till she turns 16 and gets the operation that will make her a ‘pretty’. Then all she’ll have to worry her pretty little head about is what to wear to that night’s party. Then Tally meets Shay, another ugly who shockingly doesn’t want to become a pretty. Shay wants Tally to run away with her to a place where people stay ugly all their lives!

Enter a world where everyone is pretty… and not much else. There are four books in this series: Uglies, Pretties, Specials and Extras – check them out!

Storm Thief Cover Storm Thief by Chris WoodingProbability storms are the curse of Orokos. Likely to strike at anytime every citizen of Orokos knows that nothing stays the same for long. Streets disappear and reappear, a boy might find himself now a girl or a man might find himself suddenly made of glass.

The rich live in comfortable houses and enjoy lives of great luxuries, but for the poor Orokos is a crowded dirty ghetto. Rail and Mao are teenage ghetto thieves, working for the cruel and powerful thief mistress Anya-Jacana. When the thief mistress sends them on a mission to retrieve a box Rail decides to keep a trinket for himself – an Amber disk, a disk he believes is from the ‘before time’. A time when Orokos was a wonderful place to live and technology controlled the unpredictable probability storms.

Rail thinks Anya-Jacana won’t miss the trinket, but he’s wrong and soon Rail and Mao are running for their lives.

House of the Scorpion Cover House of the Scorpion by Nancy FarmerIn a place where opium is the major crop and where the farmers are ‘eejits’ (humans with computer chips in their brains), ‘El Patron’ reigns supreme. In a small laboratory a scientist brings to life 36 tiny cells, frozen more than 100 years ago. Matt is a result of one of these tiny cells. Though he doesn’t realize it, he’s a clone – and not just any clone, but the clone of El Patron.
Giver Cover The Giver by Lois LowryIn Jonas’s world everything is perfect, children are given their job assignments when they turn twelve, husbands are matched with wives, all couples have just two children, one boy, and one girl and of course, everyone is happy. When Jonas turns 12 he is selected to be the communities Receiver of Memory. Taken under the tutelage of the Giver, Jonas begins to telepathically receive the memories of his people. Jonas discovers the disturbing truth about his world, where everything is definitely not what it seems.
Barcode Tattoo Cover The Bar Code Tattoo by Suzanne WeynKayla is about to turn 17 and the thing to do when you turn 17 is get your barcode tattoo. But Kayla hates to follow the crowd and hates the idea of being labeled, even though the tattoo is there to make life easier – for everything from your driver’s license to shopping. When Kayla says no it has more of an effect than she ever expected. Suddenly she’s an outcast at school, her family is in danger and she’s forced to go on the run. She has to wonder – just what is so important about the barcode tattoo anyway?

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