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What to read if you love Friendship, Gossip, and all that Girl Stuff

Gossip Girl Cover Gossip Girl by Cecily ZiegesarAt St Albans school for boys and Spenford school for girls some of the meanest, richest and most petty teens walk the halls. With too much money and not enough sense these teens are grouped into loved starved poor-little-rich kids and a clique of horrible people who enjoy being nasty to each other. Enter Gossip Girl. The mysterious author of a sizzling tell-all website not only keeps track of what the boys and girls of these most exclusive schools are up to, but will also expose things that they really didn’t want everyone else to know.
The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants Cover The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants by Ann BrasharesA pair of jeans for $3.49 is a bargain, but nothing special –right? Carmen thinks so until her and her closest friends Lena, Tibby and Bridget each try on the pants. Though they’re all different shapes and sizes the jeans seem to fit each girl perfectly. The girls dub them the ‘magic pants’ and vow to share them equally over the summer – their very first summer apart.Join the pants as they travel from girl to girl, with Lena falling in love in Greece, Bridget getting mixed up with the older soccer coach at camp in Baja, Carmen visiting her father in South Carolina, and Tibby, left at home alone to work at Wallman’s. The pants are the accompaniment to the girls discovering first loves, fear, jealousy and sadness in the summer months before the junior year of high school.
The Clique Cover The Clique by Lisi HarrisonMoney talks and clothes matter in wealthy Westchester County. When Claire’s father has a run of bad luck he moves the family from Florida to live in his college buddy’s guest house. Bad luck for Claire. Head of a clique at Octavian County Day School, Massie has no intention of being nice to Claire simply because she’s camping out in her guest house. In fact, she’s determined to be quite the opposite. Massie and her group of the beautiful and popular set out to torment Claire, but what happens when Claire decides to fight back?
Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging Cover Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging by Megan McCaffertyFor fourteen year old Georgia Nicholson life is hopeless. Her three year old sister likes to leave wet nappies right by her bed, her cat is insane and her father thinks that moving the family to New Zealand for a new job could be a great idea. Throw in the trauma of finding a good bra and figuring out just the right technique to use if she ever gets to kiss Angus… it’s really just too much for a girl to bear.
Gingerbread Cover Gingerbread by Rachel CohnWith her stepfather dubbing her a ‘recovering hellion’ it’s up to Cyd Charisse to live up to the name. Kicked out of boarding school Cyd returns home to San Francisco, set on doing whatever it takes to upset her parents. Soon enough is enough and Cyd is separated from her rebellious surfer boyfriend and sent across the country to her ‘bio-dad’; her real father that she’s met only once. Meeting her real dad and her other family is Cyd’s dream and soon she’s discovering that getting to know her family also leads to getting to know herself.
If I have a Wicked Stepmother... Cover If I Have a Wicked Stepmother, Where’s My Prince? By Melissa KantorWhen Lucy’s Dad remarries and she’s shipped from San Francisco to Long Island life seems like it couldn’t get much worse. There’s a wicked stepmother, two annoying younger step-sisters and her room consists of a basement with an air mattress. Then school comes around and Lucy finds herself as the new kid in town, little-miss-no-friends.As if by magic a chance comment in the lunchroom turns Lucy’s fate. Sure there’s still the wicked stepmother to deal with but before she knows it Lucy’s dating the hottest guy in school and the most popular girls want to be her friends. But if Lucy’s found her Prince why is it that conversations with Connor, the art-freak, seem so much more interesting than her dates with her boyfriend?
Jinx Cover Jinx by Meg CabotJinx is unlucky. So unlucky that no one calls her by her real name (Jean) anymore, she’s simply known as Jinx. When a boy at school starts following Jinx everywhere her family decides she’ll be better off living at her Aunts. Jinx is fine with that, especially as she’s a little worried that she may have accidentally cast a spell that made the boy fall head over heels in love with her!Jinx is determined not to try magic ever again but her plans are soon in danger when her cousin Tory reveals that they are a family descended from witches, with the first born female in each generation destined for great power. Jinx wants nothing more to do with magic and refuses to join Tory’s coven, when Tory sees Jinx save her latest crush through magic things suddenly get serious. Can Jinx keep her friends and family safe from Tory and still manage to stay away from magic herself?

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