Spies, Adventure, Action

What to read if you like… Spies, Adventure and all things Action

Stormbreaker Cover Stormbreaker by Anthony HorowitzLife changes suddenly for Alex Rider when he discovers that his Uncle and guardian has been murdered. More surprising is the fact that his Uncle was a spy for the British government and now they want Alex to take over the case his Uncle was working on!Alex is now the youngest spy ever to work for MI6 and his first assignment is going to send him deep undercover, investigating the brand new computer system “Stormbreaker”.
Live and Let Shop Cover Live and Let Shop by Michael P SpradlinWhen she’s arrested for grand-theft auto and sent to Blackthorn Academy Rachel’s life changes forever. Blackthorn Academy is no ordinary school and the headmaster, Jonathon Kim is far from an ordinary headmaster. Rachel decides to find out more about her new home and her curiosity is piqued when she overhears the headmaster talking to an FBI agent. When the headmaster disappears Rachel is the only one with enough information to do something about it.
Hatchet Cover Hatchet by Gary PaulsenBrian is on his way to visit his father, the only passenger in a small plane flying over the Canadian wilderness. When the pilot has a heart attack and dies the plane crashes into a lake, Brian manages to escape the wreckage and get to shore with only his clothing a small hatchet that his mother had given him as a present. When it becomes apparent that rescue isn’t coming any time soon Brian is forced to survive the dangers of the wilderness alone, with only his hatchet to help keep him alive.
Son of the Mob Cover Son of the Mob by Gordon Korman17 year old Luca doesn’t want to join the family business, especially since the ‘vending machine’ business is a lot more like running the mob than dishing out soft drinks. Try as he might Vince, when your father’s the mob boss and your older brother is his enforcer you just can’t help being tainted. Whether it’s the new Porsche that turns up at school for his birthday or the football game where he scored touchdown after touchdown since everyone was too scared to hurt him… Vince just can’t break free.Then he meets Kendra. Kendra’s everything he’s dreamed of and she treats him just like a normal guy. When Kendra innocently lets slip that her fathers in the FBI Vince isn’t sure if they’re a match made in heaven… or hell.

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