3rd Grade

Books for 3rd Graders

I was a Third Grade Science Project Cover I was a Third Grade Science Project by Mary Jane AuchJosh and his two friends decide to hypnotize a dog into thinking it’s a cat for their third grade science project. As they swing the pendulum in front of the dog Josh becomes entranced by the movement. It’s hard to tell if the dog is showing any signs of being hypnotized but soon it’s pretty hard to ignore that Josh is acting just a little bit… differently.
Flat Stanley Cover Flat Stanley by Jeff BrownStanley used to be a perfectly normal boy… until the day he woke up Flat! Now Stanley is as flat as a pancake life is going to be different. But it’s not all bad, Stanley discovers that he can slide under doors, get mailed across the country in an envelope and even take a plane ride folded up neatly in to a brown paper bag.
How to Survive Cover How to Survive a Totally Boring Summer by Alice DeLaCroixRandall’s first summer in a new town looks like it’s going to be pretty boring until he and some friends start a chess club. Things are going well until Birdman, the grumpy old guy who hangs out in the park where the ‘Checkmate Squad’ meet, and Gordo, the local bully, start to interfere. Suddenly Randall’s summer has gone from dull to disastrous!
Molly's Pilgrim Cover Molly’s Pilgrim by Barbara CohenMolly has moved from Russia to America and so far she hates it. Kids make fun of her accent, her clothes and the fact that she doesn’t know anything about American customs. When Thanksgiving comes around her classmates can’t believe that Molly has never heard about it! But when the teacher sets them a special assignment the class soon learns that Molly is no different from those very first pilgrims that celebrated Thanksgiving.
I Amber Brown Cover I, Amber Brown by Paula DanzigerAmber loves the holidays and she loves Christmas most of all. It’s like Christmas come early when her Dad moves back to town and Amber has both her parents close by, at least, she thought it would be. Instead her Mom and Dad are fighting over who has Amber when and Amber feels like she’s got no control. When her Mom says no to Amber getting her ears pierced Amber decides it’s time to make her own decision about something, after all… Dad doesn’t know Mom said no, right?
Horrible Harry Cover Horrible Harry and the Ant InvasionHarry’s class has an Ant Farm, but some of the Ants have escaped and taken over the classroom! Harry has been given the job of “Ant Monitor” it’s up to him to get the ants back in their farm safe and sound.
The Stinky Cheeseman Cover The Stinky Cheese Man and Other Fairly Stupid Tales by Jon ScieszkaAll your favorite fairy tales are rewritten in this book. There’s Little Red Running Shorts who beats the wolf to Grandma’s house and the story of the Really Ugly Duckling.

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