1st Grade

Books for 1st Graders

Click Clack Moo Cover Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type by Doreen CroninWhen Farmer Brown’s cows find an old typewriter in the barn they soon learn to type. Once they have that mastered they start typing letters to Farmer Brown, letters that don’t make Farmer Brown very happy! When the cows ask Farmer Brown for a warmer barn he refuses and the cows go on strike. It’s up to duck to sort things out.
Quiet Wyatt Cover Quiet Wyatt by Larry Dane BrinnerWyatt doesn’t want much in life, he wants to play with big kids, and adopt a puppy, but no matter what he says the answer is always the same “Quiet, Wyatt!” Wyatt has had enough, from now on he’s not going to say another word.
Mr Putter and Tabby Cover Mr Putter & Tabby Run the Race by Cynthia RylantMrs Teaberry has persuaded Mr Putter to enter a marathon. The first prize is a golf clubs but the second prize is a train set, Mr Putter really really wants a train set! Never mind that he hasn’t run around the block in thirty years, Mr Putter must find a way to come second.
Ballet Sisters Cover Ballet Sisters: The Newest Dancer by Jan OrmerodSylvie and Bonnie are sisters who love to dance. Sylvie is too young for ballet school but she follows her sister Bonnie to her lessons one day and peeps her head in to spy on the class. Then Miss Trisha, the teacher sees her there, is this Sylvie’s big chance to learn to dance, or is she going to be sent home and not even allowed to watch.
Super Fly Guy Cover Super Fly Guy by Ted ArnoldBuzz has a pet fly – Fly Guy, and he takes him to school. Fly Guy loves the dirty dishes, the smelly mops and the garbage cans, most of all he loves the lunchroom. He makes friends with the lunch lady Roz and is allowed to fly around the kitchen as much as he pleases, that is until she’s banned for letting flies in the lunch room! Buzz and Fly Guy know they have to do something to get Roz’s job back!
Cork and Fuzz Cover Cork and Fuzz: Good Sports by Dori ChaconasCork and Fuzz are best of friends. They like to play lots of games, which Fuzz always seems to win. Cork is getting a little tired of hearing Fuzz say “I won!” all the time. Will competition be the end of their best-friendship?
Frog and Toad Cover Frog and Toad are Friends by Arnold LobelIt’s a perfect day for swimming! The two friends go swimming and Frog is kind enough not to look at Toad in his swimsuit. But other people are not so kind and soon a crowd has gathered to look at Toad’s funny looking swimsuit. What will Toad do?
Fish Out of Water Cover A Fish Out of Water by Helen PalmerA little boy gets a new pet, Otto is a hungry fish. When he’s fed ‘just a spot’ he wants more… and more. Otto eats so much he grows too big for his bowl, and a vase.. and the tub.. Otto keeps on growing. The little boy needs help – now!

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