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Early Literacy Station (AWE Computers)

The Early Literacy Station (ELS) is a dynamic all-in-one digital learning solution for children ages 2-8. It requires no Internet connection, so it is safe and secure. The latest version features more than 70 educational software applications spanning seven curricular areas. The educational programs are pre-loaded on the computer and displayed using engaging graphics and intuitive menus. No Internet connection is required to use it. It is available in English, Bilingual Spanish, and Bilingual French.

AfterSchool Edge Computer

The AfterSchool Edge is a complete, all-in-one educational computer solution that features content for all elementary school grade levels. The content covers all curriculum areas, including math, art, science, and vocabulary.  With over 60 educational programs and hundreds of activities, children of every learning level will find the AfterShool Edge engaging and fun. Older children can look up a past president and write a report. Younger children further can explore subjects they learned about in class. All students can work at their own pace, whether in a group or by themselves.

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Smarter Balanced Practice Testing

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